MSK physiotherapy and manual therapy: What is it?

Femme PhysioCare is a health center that deals with MSK physiotherapy and manual therapy in Calgary to provide appropriate solutions for muscles, bones, and joints. We offer individualized care plans to promote healing . Learn more

MSK physiotherapy and manual therapy in Calgary

Conditions We Treat In MSK physiotherapy and manual therapy

In our clinic in Calgary, With MSK physiotherapy and manual therapy, we treat conditions such as back pain, joint disorders, and sports injuries. We aim to treat the muscles and joint function while at the same time boosting physical capability. Every therapist who works with our patients develops a unique program to decrease the clients’ pain and increase their range of motion. If you are in search of MSK physiotherapy and manual therapy in your area, then you must consult with us and get back your mobility and health. A dedicated personnel will be glad to help you in addressing several musculoskeletal problems that are related to back and joint aches, among others.

MSK physiotherapy and manual therapy in Calgary
  • Back and neck pain: Our MSK physiotherapy facility assists with pain and restriction in the back and neck regions.
  • Sports injuries: We give quick solutions to heal the injuries and avoid their occurrence in the future.
  • Arthritis and joint pain: As for the particular type of treatment; we primarily deal with arthritis to alleviate pain and enhance mobility of joints.
  • Muscle strains and sprains: Muscle injuries can be treated with physiotherapy, and this involves improving the patient’s condition in terms of pain relief ad well as increasing the rate of recovery.
  • Tendonitis and bursitis: The treatments usual tend to have an anti-inflammatory effect and facilitate movement of tendons and bursae.
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation: These are our rehab programs that enable patients to gain the strength and movements required after surgeries.
  • Chronic pain conditions: This program is developed for patients with chronic pain. At our studio, we provide a personalized exercise scheme to improve your quality of life.

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