FDN Dry Needling

At Femme PhysioCare, we offer FDN-approved dry needling in Airdrie to help patients who have muscle aches and pains as well as those who need muscle relaxation to improve movement. In dry needling, we insert thin, sterile needles into tight spots in your muscles. This process helps to relieve pain and improve muscle function. At our studios in Airdrie, we have experienced physiotherapists who can perform dry needling safely and painlessly. 

FDN dry needling
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Conditions We Treat In FDN Dry Needling

Welcome to Femme PhysioCare and we offer the FDN Dry Needling in Airdrie for a lot of ailments. Our professional staff offers proper management of symptoms associated with chronic non-cancer pain, sports injuries, migraines, fibromyalgia, lower back/neck pain, rheumatoid arthritis, tenosynovitis, and post-surgical pain. Whether you are looking for FDN Dry Needling ling near me, our clinic provides custom solutions to help you lessen pain and increase your movement range. Learn more about our service and book an appointment now.

  • Chronic Pain: Effective relief from long-term muscle and joint pain.
  • Sports injuries: Our massage and manual therapy services enable you to get back to your normal life immediately and avoid further injuries.
  • Migraines and Headaches: Reduces the number of migraines that occur and lessens the intensity of their impact.
  • Fibromyalgia: Reduces widespread pain as well as tender points.
  • Back and Neck Pain: Helps locate and alleviate pain in the spinal region and the associated muscles.
  • Arthritis: Eases joint pain and enhances mobility.
  • Tendinitis: Reduces inflammation and speeds up healing of tendons.
  • Post-Surgical Pain: Helps in managing pain and the healing process of patients who have undergone surgery.
FDN dry needling
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